Employment Study

The purpose of the Employment Study was to gain an understanding of the state of employment for Louisiana citizens with significant disabilities. To achieve this goal it was necessary to first take stock of and document the availability of services/supports for people with significant disabilities who wish to acquire and maintain integrated, competitive, community- based employment. In addition, this study documented the extent to which available employment services and supports are accessed and received by eligible citizens. Finally, to the extent possible, we determined the relationship between various employment services/supports and outcomes achieved for Louisiana citizens with significant disabilities. The results of the study identified five critical issues affecting the employment of individuals with significant disabilities, including: 
  • Preparing transition-age youth with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (ID/DD) for integrated community employment 
  • Funding concerns 
  • Access to Supported Employment services 
  • Quality of Supported Employment services 
  • Interagency partnerships. 
This report includes policy recommendations related to each identified critical issue designed to improve access to employment services/supports and enhance community employment outcomes for Louisiana citizens with the most significant intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. 
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