What Our Graduates Say

"Partners gave me the knowledge necessary to bring about systems change.  Partners also gave me the confidence to be active in advocacy."

"Partners has taught me to use my voice and follow through with advocating for others and myself."

"It gave me a chance to gain networking skills and resources."

"I think it will help accomplish the goals I have for my daughter and others."

“I feel empowered.”

“I feel I am now able to advocate for myself and others with disabilities.”

“Giving me the self-confidence I needed to be a better, stronger voice for not only my son but others in the disability community.”

“I know how to speak for my child as an advocate so that she will know how to when she is old enough.”

“I have come to understand that systems change is actually possible and I can make a difference.”

“It will help me deal with issues with my son through education and later on in his life.”

“It has far exceeded anything I ever expected!”

“The sessions were great! They helped me to become an advocate for others and had a profound effect on me as a person.”

“Valuable, practical information presented.”

 ”Partners has shown me how to be more active, more effective and more involved.”

“Loads of information and support are greatly appreciated.”

“Gives parents and people with disabilities a chance to meet others in different situations, to interact together for a common goal.”

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