Managed Long-Term Supports and Services

Long-term supports and services refers to home and community-based services (e.g. waivers) and institutional care (e.g. intermediate care facilities for persons with developmental disabilities (ICFs/DD) and nursing facilities).  Currently, Medicaid long-term services and supports are provided under a fee-for-service model, where providers are paid a fee for each service they provide. Over the last two decades, states have begun to consider converting to a managed care model, where long-term supports and services providers are paid a set fee for each Medicaid recipient they serve (according to level of need), regardless of the number or type of services the individual requires.
For more information about what MLTSS is, read the Council LaDDC New Article, Managed Care for Long-Term Supports and Services: What You Need to Know.
DHH announces it will not move forward with MLTSS at this time. DHH Announcement on MLTSS

DHH Concept Papers and Presentations

DHH has released a concept paper with several updates on its plans to move to managed care. 
Concept Paper – Update 09/2014
• MLTSS Advisory Committee - OCDD Presentation – 09/22/14
• National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disability Services- Considerations and Strong in I/DD Practices for Managed Care Services and Supports-  9/22/14
Concept Paper – Updated 04/2013
Initial Concept Paper – 10/2013
For more information from DHH about managed long-term supports and services, visit Making Medicaid Better.  

DD Council Input on MLTSS

Since November 2012, the Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH) has been planning to move Louisiana's long-term supports and services for people with disabilities and seniors to a managed care system. The DD Council has provided input throughout this planning process beginning in April 2013 and most recently in April 2015.  
• Letter to the Governor – 4/27/15
• Letter to CMS – 4/24/15
• Letter to DHH – 10/2014
• Letter to DHH –  05/2014
Letter to DHH –  04/2013
The Council has also released a LaDDC News Article highlighting areas of support and concern. Read it here: More Details Released on the New System of Supports Planned for People with DD

Public comment

Public comments are being accepted and are encouraged at LongTermCare@LA.GOV.

Other Helpful Information on MLTSS

National Council on Disability Recommendations for Managed Care for People with Disabilities
Ten Essential Elements for Medicaid Managed Long Term Supports and Services
• CMS Summary – Essential Elements of Managed Long Term Services and Supports Programs
CMS Guidance to State using 1115 Demonstration Waivers
• Steve Gold Information Bulletin – Managed Care Long-Term Services and Supports – Medicaid Managed Long-Term Services and Supports
Putting Consumers First: Promising Practices for Medicaid Manage Long-Term Services and Supports
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