Education and Early Intervention

Education and Early Intervention Advocacy Initiatives

Education Advocacy

The Council advocates for children with developmental disabilities to have access to quality, inclusive educational opportunities that prepare them for post-secondary education and/or competitive, integrated employment.  Some current issues the Council's advocacy efforts are focused on include:

  • Improving oversight and monitoring of admissions and service delivery to students with disabilities in Charter Schools, early education programs, and other publicly funded education facilities.

  • Educating legislators, policy makers and the general public about harmful practices, such as restraint and seclusion, corporal punishment and unnecessary use of law enforcement, and alternative positive, evidence-based options and advocating for policies and practices that promote the safe and effective practices.

Early Intervention Advocacy

Council efforts to increase quality services in EarlySteps that result in improved developmental outcomes include:

  • Advocating for an accountability structure that ensures:

    • any services approved beyond the 24 visits per 6 month rule will have adequate data-driven team justifications,

    • family participation in quarterly team meetings, and

    • Family Support Plan goal/outcomes are measurable.

  • Advocating for adequate support and training of Community Outreach Specialists.